With city resort amenities, Solinea includes landscape parks, green open spaces, play areas, garden decks, an expansive luxurious swimming pool and a central clubhouse with a gym. These amenities will all be found in the 1,500 square meter central amenity area. Solinea will also feature stylish retail rows, shops, restaurants and cafes found at posh urban energy in the ground level of Solinea. It will truly amplify your social life with these fresh flavours.

If you’re overwhelmed by the offers of Solinea, wait till you know about their outstanding amenities. Solinea is the ultimate merge of city life and peaceful resort-living. It is very suitable for individuals and families who like the idea of being carefree, safe, and peaceful in their abode.

First of all, Solinea speaks up to its name as a city resort through its wonderful swimming pools. There are various types to fit your preference in cooling off such as their Pool Deck, Lapping Pool, Leisure Pool, and Children’s Pool. While being relaxed at the pool, you will be amazed on how soothing the whole place is given that it’s filled with touches of nature. As you go around the place you will get to roam around the Garden Access, Garden Walk, Open Lawn, and different sights of greeneries everywhere. For extra peace, you may even visit the Meditation Area to have a breather.

For your daily needs, you don’t have to go far anymore given the Commercial Shops that are all available for you at the Ground Floor which will consist of convenient items and services. There are endless activities that you can do here for fun with your family and friends as well. For events and special gatherings, the Clubhouse, Outdoor Events Venue, and Function Room are all perfect for the memories you have to share.

As for your entertainment needs, Solinea provides you a Game Room which you and your kids will definitely enjoy. There is also a Playground and Outdoor Living Area for more moments that you can create here at Solinea. Now when you want to get that body goal, fitness is your friend here at Solinea. A Gym Room complete with tools will make sure you achieve it in no time.

Solinea is the ultimate getaway from all your stress given its amenities and features to keep you energized and happy all the time. The comfort of being taken care of is Solinea’s expertise by creating places where you can enjoy your resort-inspired living.

Not only that, Solinea prioritizes your safety more than anything. 24/7 security personnel are there to provide you the confidence that you’re safe all the time. There are also 2 Passenger Elevators and 1 Service Elevator for your ease. For emergency purposes, there is an Automatic Sprinkler and Smoke Detection System for all residential units, common areas, and amenities to ensure your safety. The features are modern and technologically advanced in Solinea. Some of the features which you are helpful for your living are the Sanitary Disposal System, Audio Guest Annunciator, Private garden in selected units, Fire Protection & Alarm System, Mail Area, and a Garbage Disposal System. You can also count on maintaining the vicinity’s perfection since Solinea has got you covered with Building Maintenance by Ayala Property Management Corporation. It’s truly the best to know that you’re in best hands at the best home you deserve. Solinea is the place for you to settle in and enjoy life to the fullest with its amazing amenities and features.

City Resort Amenities

  • Retail Strip
  • Garden Access
  • Clubhouse
  • Drop-off
  • Gateway
  • Rain Tree
  • Commercial Plaza
  • Lay-by
  • Amenity Core
  • Second Floor Landscape Strip
  • Plaza
  • Water Jets
  • Misters
  • Feature Bollards
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Ramp Step
  • Greenwall
  • Seatwall
  • Feature Wall
  • Lawn
  • Terraced Planter
  • Service Tree
  • Terraced lawn & Amphitheater Seats
  • Pavillion
  • Wood Deck
  • Trellis
  • Play Structure
  • Pool Deck
  • Lapping Pool
  • Lounge Pool
  • Submerged Deck
  • Leisure Pool
  • Children's Pool
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